Made With Sprouted Cashews

Creamy and Dreamy!

You will never know that these non-dairy cheesecakes are made from sprouted cashews. YUM!  


Sprouted nuts are Super nutritious for your body and easily digestible.  These cheesecakes are so decadent you will never go back to real dairy cheesecake again. 


"Unbelievable" and "OMG" are the reactions I get from customers as soon as they sample it.  


All are gluten-free ( crust made from dates and walnuts) and free from refined sugar, grains, soy, gluten, and of course dairy.  Sweetened only with raw unrefined organic Agave.  These are also diabetic and paleo-friendly!  


Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Full of healthy protein, good fats ( the only fats you want to put in your body) a small number of complex carbs, ( the good ones!), and a little fiber!  What else can you ask for in good healthy food!


We pride ourselves on nourishing your bodies with our products!  Please see our list of stores we can be found in on our Where To Buy, page.

Image by Maja Vujic
lime front.png


This delicious key lime pie will convert you from  traditional sugar filled  key lim pie in the FIRST BITE!

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blueberry front.png


Freeze-dried blueberry add to this already superfood cheezecakes just gives it more nutrient value from the antioxidant effects of blueberries.!

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chocolate front.png


We use only 100% raw organic fair trade unsweet cacao  for its delicious taste and unbelievable health benefits

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strawberry front.png


Who doesn't love strawberry cheesecake? This delectable treat is so delicious you will not want to share! Freeze-dried strawberry added so there is no added sugar.

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