Before                    After losing 90 lbs.

 My Name is Brooke Henzel, and I am the owner and chef of Vegan Heavenly Delights. 

After being told that I was a a walking time bomb with my blood pressure being so high, I told the doctor she could prescribe medication but I was not taking it.  I am a naturalist and I will take care of it.  I had a husband and a daughter that was a senior in high school, and I had to do something, not just for me but for them.  At that point 7 years ago, I decided to go to a plant based whole food lifestyle and in 9 1/2 months I dropped 90 lbs.  Within two weeks of changing how I ate and excersizing, I was able to shed 24.5 lbs.  Thats when I knew I was on to a healthy lifestyle.

 I then decided to get certified as a personal trainer, and also got certified in fitness nutrition, so I could help others tweek their diet.  Upon doing this and helping others get healthy, I started making my own treats and selling at the green markets across Florida.   We were selling out every weekend , and that's when I knew in March of 2016 that I wanted to manufacture my products and make them available for the world.

 I watched my mom pass away in 2014  of complications from obesity, diabetes and heart issues, and a year later my dad passed away from kidney cancer, and gastrointestinal cancer.  I knew I did not want to die like that or watch others die from these diseases, so I set out to make a difference in peoples lives and also help save the planet and the animals.  

We manufacture Nuts for cheezecakes (without the moo)

in 4 flavors , key lime , dark chocolate, blueberry and strawberry,  cashew  cheeze spread/dip/sauce in 2 different flavors , plain, roasted garlic, and a cashew ricotta -italian herb, raw  vegan coconut almond truffles , walnut pecan brownies, and  frozen peanut butter fudge bites.

Every ingredient we  use has incredible nutritional benefits.  All of our products are free from  dairy , gluten  ,high fructose corn syrup , refined sugars,  preservatives,  artificial ingredients,  are all non-gmo and mostly organic. We only use  dates, raw organic unrefined agave and 100% pure maple syrup to sweeten with. Our cacao is  100% raw fair trade organic , the purest form of chocolate you can put in your body.  There is a huge need for our  kind of treats.  As a Vegan myself, it was extremely hard for me to find healthy non-processed vegan cheese's and cheesecakes, and chocolates with no sugar, so I decided to start manufacturing them for everyone else  who are also looking for healthy snacks and desserts that are nourishing and not full of artificial ingredients.  


  If I can help change the next generation and teach them how to make  healthier choices, then maybe I can reduce the risks of obesity,heart disease,high blood pressure and diabetes  and even death ,from all of these illnesses in our country. It makes me very sad to see children overweight and I know it's not their fault. It's not necessarily the parents fault either, I believe it is the man made ingredients that are being put  in the foods that we are eating, how it's processed that is so unhealthy. We have one of the largest populations in the world, yet we are one of the most malnourished.

So I decided to make healthier versions of popular treats that still taste great without all the garbage.. I am on a mission to show people that you can have fabulous tasting treats without the artificial processed ingredients that  nourish your body with every bite !  

Our goal is to use some of our profits to start a nutrition education in the schools to help teach kids about nutritious eating and exercise and why it's important.

So today I was inspired to update my about me page, and add some things that are weighing on my heart, 8-24-19.  The unthinkable is happening in the amazon forests, as they burn and burn and burn, yet people don't even understand the magnitude of what it is doing to our animals and insects of all species, not to mention the people that are inhaling the toxic smoke.  It just really sunk in to me that we as people, that live on THIS planet, need to stand up and speak out, and wake people up that are sleeping!  WE as humans are the ONLY ones who can change this, so I pray that we can all work together to make this a thriving planet again, save our animals, our health and our lives!  Being able to offer plant-based foods to the world has come true, and now I need to use my voice to help stop the cruelty that we are doing to our animals and the planet!  Please think about going Vegan , not just for your health but for our world! It's the least we can do!


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