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Just some of our all-natural ingredients - ZERO artificial flavorings

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Our Mission is to offer foods that taste great, make you feel good, and nourishes your body with every bite without all the garbage.

Meet Brooke Henzel

Founder and CEO   CLO

Over the past few decades, our food has been so overprocessed and filled with artificial ingredients, made genetically, or preserved with chemicals, that we are not getting proper nutrition from most of our food. After personally changing to a plant-based whole food lifestyle and losing 90 lbs. in 9.5 months, I realized the importance of real food and how we need the nutrients for our bodies to function properly.

When my mom passed away in 2014 of complications from obesity, diabetes, and heart issues, and a year later my dad passed away from cancer, I was devastated! It was at that moment that I decided I needed to bring clean-label food back to our plates. My mom always wanted me to be a chef, but until now, I didn’t realize that this was my calling. It has now become my passion to help provide foods that nourish the body with every bite. My mission is to save the planet by leaving less of a carbon footprint, advocate for the humane and ethical treatment of the animals we


share the earth with, and offering delicious tasting nutrient-rich comfort foods that we all love, just in plant-based versions. Our goal is to use some of our profits to help fight childhood obesity. I am on a mission to show people that you can have fabulous tasting foods that are not highly processed and filled with artificial ingredients. I will continue to produce clean label great-tasting foods to hopefully be a staple brand in people's homes around the world! Thank you for your support

Brooke Henzel


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I have to say...Vegan Heavenly Delights desserts are BY FAR one of my favorite treats that I do not only LOVE but also don't feel an ounce of guilt for eating. ALL natural ingredients!!  Absolutely NO dairy, gluten, refined sugars, preservatives nor artificial ingredients  100$ vegan & organic.  Brook Henzel is the creator/owner of these wonderful treats and a very inspiring woman I had the pleasure of meeting at Lucky's Food Store!  Thank you so much for making this weight loss experience a little sweeter.